We help businesses get ahead of the AI curve.

What we do

Our sweet spot is the operational deployment of solutions that could not be imagined two years ago, when it brings enough business value to our customers.


We work with your leadership team to analyze how AI will disrupt your industry, and what key opportunities it offers to your business. The deliverable is an actionable roadmap with high impact objectives. Our lab and network of scientific advisors are involved to assess relevant research.


We ship the solution — we hate Powerpoint slides and want to write code and see impact. It can involve off-the-shelf Ceptron products, open source libraries and customised developments.


While the first steps can be focused pilots or data supply chain installation, our job is not over until the solution is running at scale and delivering KPIs.

Focus areas

  • Augmented Customer Experience
    Augmented Customer Experience

    Ideally, a company should have a 1:1 personal conversation with each customer — the kind of delightful experience that happened in physical stores. AI makes this dream scalable again, and we don’t think chatbots alone are the solution [and some of us have worked on chatbots since 2002!]. Instead, we believe in empowering customer representatives and augmenting the customer experience.

    This is made possible by recent research in diverse fields, including natural language understanding, generation and style transfer, end-to-end-dialog learning, speech processing and computer vision.

  • Generative Design
    Generative Design

    Creating or choosing a product requires a precise understanding of goals, trends and constraints. Giving feedback about ideas and even coming up with new ones is now within reach of machine learning algorithms.

    Tomorrow’s creators and customers will interact with machines to guide their thought process and inspire them, whether they are prototyping a new model of car or trying to find the best outfit for the summer.

    Leveraging new classes of models such as Generative Adversarial Networks and adapting them to your domain, we can help you take advantage of how AI will reshape creativity and perception.

  • Adaptive decision making
    Adaptive decision making

    A self-driving car is continuously evolving within an environment that is uncertain and constantly changing. The behavior cannot be scripted in advance, so in order to make the right decisions, the algorithm must build a dynamic representation of the world in real-time and predict how its actions will affect the future. Similar adaptive decision making is present in many sectors such as financial services, energy services logistics, or gaming.

    If you have a case where thousands or millions of micro decisions must be made in a complex and interactive environment, we can help you support, improve and scale these systems thanks to recent developments in reinforcement learning.